steel bellow 4.2 | September 2016

“We’re building on our past. We’re buying into rust.” – Larry Mruk This issue features the poetry of Gene Grabiner, Sherry Robbins, Leela Soma, and Wade Stevenson. Gene Grabiner‘s poems have appeared in various journals and anthologies including: Snake Nation Review, Sojourners, Slant, Connecticut River Review, Passager, Naugatuck River Review, Jewish Currents, Rosebud, Blue Collar Review, … More steel bellow 4.2 | September 2016

steel bellow 2.2 | February 2014

This issue features the poetry of Tara Heavern, Jeffrey Charles Naish, and ryki zuckerman. Tara Heavern is a mother, writer and teacher at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center. She shares her words at different venues within the Buffalo community. Her short fiction, “JUDGeMENT ,” was recently included in Nickel City Flash, a book of flash fiction edited … More steel bellow 2.2 | February 2014

steel bellow 2.1 | October 2013

This issue features the poetry of Paul Kochm Ian McPhail, and Sara Ries. Paul Koch Poems: “Now Jesus didn’t ski,” “In praise of cars,” “I awoke,” “And so my kingdom passes,” “Dreaming,” “Walking down the street,” and “The Wind.” Ian McPhail practices poetry in Buffalo, New York. Sometimes he wishes he was Paul Klee. Yesterday he … More steel bellow 2.1 | October 2013

steel bellow 1.1 | November 2012

This inaugural issue features the poetry of editors Vincent Cervone, John Cuttito, and Paige Melin. John Cuttito Poems: “steel bellow,” “We will never be on the road again,” “Poets, Build into the mountaintops,” “A quick Slip inside a slit wrist,” “The moon is a cranky bitch.” Vincent Cervone grew up in Long Island, New York, but currently … More steel bellow 1.1 | November 2012