who we are

steel bellow: a purely buffalo literary magazine, was founded in September 2012 by Vincent Cervone, John Cuttito, Paige Melin, and Rich Lunghino.

At the time we saw a void in local literary magazines focused on publishing the incredible voices we heard around us. We wanted a publication that shared and archived the work that was being produced in the thriving literary community of Buffalo. Thus, our only parameter for work was: the writer must in some way be affiliated with Buffalo, NY.

We have stuck to that parameter ever since, publishing the work of both aspiring and well-known Buffalo poets, international poets who have passed through Buffalo, and more.

There is something so particular about Buffalo. The ghost of our past lives within all of us – the once-glamorous hub of our city center, the thriving industry of our steel factories and grain elevators. Yet the grains of hope also burn inside us, flaming ever brighter as our city continues to grow.

We hope to capture that despair and hope, that nostalgia and longing, within the pages of steel bellow.

We would like to thank the readers, contributors, and supporters who have sustained steel bellow, as well as our mentors who have supported us along the way – especially Karen Mac Cormack, Steve McCaffery, Mike Basinski, and Edric Mesmer. steel bellow was originally made possible in part by the Mildred Lockwood Lacey Fund for Poetry of the Poetry Collection and the Poetry Collection of the University Libraries.

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Paige Melin’s writing has appeared in NAME, Yellowfield, Stolen Island, and Ursa Literary Review. Her first book of poetry, Puddles of an Open, is available from BlazeVOX [books] (2016), and a chapette of her poems, MTL/BFL//ETE/QUINZE, is available from Buffalo Ochre Papers (2016). Follow her @paige_melin

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A Buffalo, New York native, Rich Lunghino graduated from Canisius College with a bachelors degree in Digital Media Arts with a minor in Classics. In addition to his experience as a collegiate journalist, Rich has written and produced a wide variety of film projects.