steel bellow 3.1 | April 2015

april 15.png

This issue features the poetry of Geoffrey Gatza, John Marvin, and Josh Smith.

Geoffrey Gatza  is an award-winning editor, publisher and poet. He was named by the Huffington Post as one of the Top 200 Advocates for American Poetry (2013). He is the author many books of poetry, including Apollo (BlazeVOX 2014) and Kenmore: Poem Unlimited (Casa Menendez 2009). He is also the author of the yearly Thanksgiving Menu-Poem Series, a book-length poetic tribute for prominent poets, now in its thirteenth year. His play on Marcel Duchamp will be staged in an art installation in Philadelphia this year. He lives in Kenmore, NY with his girlfriend and two beloved cats. View BlazeVOX here.

Poems: “Superglue constructs ambiance,” “Failure Porn,” “Rectal Feeding and Torture,” and “The Best Book I Read This Year.”

John Marvin is a teacher who retired and subsequently earned a Ph.D. in English at SUNY Buffalo. He has poems in scores of journals, and literary criticism in Hypermedia Joyce Studies, James Joyce Quarterly, Pennsylvania English, and Worchester Review. His book, Nietzsche and Transmodernism: Art and Science Beyond the Modern in Joyce, Stevens, Pynchon, and Kubrick, awaits a publisher.

Poems: “Les lésions dangereuses,” “scene and herd on the train to Santa Fe,” “quanta flow at the vanishing point thank  you being a dialogue between Harry Clyde Oz and Al One Stone, preceded by two epigraphs,” “The Empirical Strikes Black,” “Nutshell? We don’t need no stinkin notshall!” “The Occasional Burger,” “perigee,” and “In Praise of Eve and the Great Escape.”

Every time you read his bio, Josh Smith steals fifteen seconds of your life. To make it worth your while, Josh has studied at Harvard, ridden motorcycles through blizzards, battled murderous cults in the backwoods of Nebraska, been published by the Buffalo News, Ploughshares, performed everywhere from Montreal to San Antonio, and is on the Board of Directors of the Art Bar Poetry Series in Toronto. He did that so you wouldn’t have to.

Poems: “Them Vs. You Vs. Me,” “2 15/16,” “For the Ocean,” and “Broken Words.”

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