steel bellow 2.4 | October 2014


This issue features the poetry of Jennifer Campbell, Eric Evans, and Nava Fader.

Jennifer Campbell is an English professor at Erie Community College and a co-editor of Earth’s Daughters. Her second book of poetry, Supposed to Love, was re-
leased February 2013 from Saddle Road Press. Her first book called Driving Straight Through was published by FootHills in 2008. Recent work appears in Great Lakes Review, Common Ground Review, Red Rock Review, Sow’s Ear, Saranac Review, Fugue, The Healing Muse, The Pedestal, Slipstream, Slant, and Oyez Review. She currently co-hosts the Center for Inquiry / Literary Café monthly reading series.

Poems: “Another Instance When My Child Teaches Me,” “This Pen Will Never Write How,” “Sitting In,” “A Captive Audience,” “Another Dimension,” “My Ex-Friend’s Ex-Wife’s Chicken,” and “Conscious Uncoupling.”

Eric Evans is a writer and musician from Buffalo, New York with stops in Port-
land, Oregon and Rochester, New York where he currently resides. His work has appeared in Artvoice, decomP magazinE, Tangent Magazine, Posey, Xenith Magazine, Anobium Literary Magazine, Pemmican Press, Remark and many other publica-
tions and anthologies. He has published eight full collections and three broadsides through his own small press, Ink Publications, in addition to a broadside through Lucid Moon Press. He is the editor of The Bond Street Review as well as the proud recipient of the 2009 Geva Theatre Center Summer Academy Snapple Fact Award.

Poems: “Montag in the Clearing,” “Eighty Percent Pure,” “Terracotta Army,” “For the Sake of the Dignified,” “The Curve of Consonants,” “A Negative Anyway,” “Untitled (or now he’s simply stressed),” and “Tom Dowd’s Blues.”

Nava Fader received her master’s from SUNY Buffalo’s Poetics Program, writ-
ing her thesis on Adrienne Rich. She is a frequent practitioner of thievery and false translation, as in her chapbooks StoneSoup; The Plath Poems; The Rilke Poems; Soot, Tear, Zest: Poems from Garcia Lorca; and in her full-length book All The Jawing Jackdaw. She has completed a manuscript of fake translations from Dante’s Inferno titled Misstep and has a new book due out in fall––Hitching Post, which consists of poems each beginning with a line from Michael Basinski’s book Trailers––both out from BlazeVox Books.

Poems: “his mouth /  finds the rind at its leisure (Robin Brox),” “The dream is cottoning (Edric Mesmer),” “their full and half moon scaffold (Sikkema),” “The stone still smells of the maternal earth (Rimbaud),” “Lingzhi (Wikipedia, 6/14),” “The past and weary (Clibbens),” and “Maybe you’re looking for / the pretty lizardess (Garcia Lorca).”

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