steel bellow 2.2 | February 2014


This issue features the poetry of Tara Heavern, Jeffrey Charles Naish, and ryki zuckerman.

Tara Heavern is a mother, writer and teacher at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center. She shares her words at different venues within the Buffalo community. Her short fiction, “JUDGeMENT ,” was recently included in Nickel City Flash, a book of flash fiction edited by Gary Earl Ross and she is happy to have her mini book, Sewing Lessons, published this spring by Fred Whitehead’s Destitute Press.

Poems: “Arabesque,” “The Boy with the Curl,” “Coin Toss,” “Interrogating the Wound,” “Regret’s Itinerary,” “Release,” “Revisionist History,” and “Pattern.”

Jeffrey Charles Naish began writing poetry as a confused teenager in search of love and truth just outside Buffalo, New York. After he finished school still lost and alone he decided to pack up his frustrations and venture south. More trials and tribulations followed until in another moment of clarity he reached for a pen once more. To date he’s published hundreds of poems in four volumes of his own poetic philosophy

Poems: “Blue Skies,” “Circle and Swoop,” “Dollar Store Derelicts,” “The Human Condition,” “Here and Tao,” and “The Unenjoyment Blues.”

ryki zuckerman is the author of the full-length volume, Looking for Bora Bora (Saddle Road Press, 2013), and a chapbook, body of the work (Textile Bridge Press). Her poems have appeared in Black Mountain College II Review, Slipstream, Paunch, Moondance (online), Lips (2013), and elsewhere. She has three poems forthcoming in an anthology, Mo’ Joe (Beatlick Press, Albuquerque). She is a co-editor of Earth’s Dauthers magazine and curates both the Gray Hair Series and the Wordflight Series.

Poems: “hubble sees a what,” “poorly translated chinese public signs, extended,” “she has an epiphany,” “the artifact returns,” “waiting for euphoria,” “the drowning well (legend of the pink mansion),” and “the white cat.”


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