steel bellow 2.1 | October 2013

oct 13.png

This issue features the poetry of Paul Kochm Ian McPhail, and Sara Ries.

Paul Koch

Poems: “Now Jesus didn’t ski,” “In praise of cars,” “I awoke,” “And so my kingdom passes,” “Dreaming,” “Walking down the street,” and “The Wind.”

Ian McPhail practices poetry in Buffalo, New York. Sometimes he wishes he was Paul Klee. Yesterday he had a sandwich.

Poems: “hood,” “chunked” “in the summer months,” “mild death,” and “low level ache.”

Sara Ries was born in Buffalo, New York, where her parents owned a diner since she was two-years-old. She holds an MFA from Chatham University, where she received the Best Thesis in Poetry Award. Her first book, Come In, We’re Open, won the Stevens Poetry Manuscript Competition and was published in June 2010 by the NFSPS Press. Her poem, “Fish Fry Daughter,” was selected by Ted Kooser for his American Life in Poetry column. She currently hosts the Poetry & Dinner Night Reading Series at the Woodlawn Diner and teaches at Erie Community College.

Poems: “Morning on the Subway,” “Namaste,” “New Song in Paris,” “Racecar Dad,” and “You Had Beautiful Hair.”

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