steel bellow 1.3 | June 2013


june 13.png

This issue features the poetry of Cassandra Rivais, Kayla Rizzo, and Kayla White.

Cassandra Rivais will be a law student at Albany Law in this upcoming fall. She will be completing her Masters in Bioethics as well as her law degree. She received her Bachelor’s in English from the University at Buffalo and sorely misses the city.

Poems: “Chapter 1: Religion,” “Chapter 2:Home,” and “Music of Words.”

Kayla Rizzo is a native of Buffalo, New York and remains there in the thick of it all. After graduating from the University at Buffalo in 2012, she traveled around the country greeting native mountains and big skies, losing herself within them. As a result, the ebbing memory of wilderness often finds itself imprinted among the lines of her most recent poetry. Other endeavors of the poetic fashion can be found in publications by We, the Notorious Pronouns, PressBoardPress, Nap, and Other Times. Her first chapbook When You’re Not Dreaming (PressBoardPress) is expected to be released in June of 2013.

Poems: “rock kingdoms, my darling,” “you wait so long,” “the places i’ve been,” “what i would like to capture,” “we are,” “Buffalo,” “the temptation of organic shelter,” and “When You’re Not Dreaming.”

Kayla White hails from Marcellus, NY where she started writing poetry at age 15. She is a University at Buffalo alumna with a Bachelors degree in Philosophy and Comparative Literature. Currently, she lives and works in the Adirondacks at John’s Brook Lodge; linking poetry with nature.

Poems: “Driving into town,” “I see emptiness of the material world,” “My love has left me on the floor,” “The clouds heavy,” and “The reverberations of my feet.”

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