steel bellow 1.2 | January 2013

jan 13.png

This issue features the poetry of Mary Kohler, Edric Mesmer, and Fred Whitehead.

Mary Kohler is a graduate student at UB and also works at the UB Poetry Collection. Her poetry has appeared in publications such as Chiron Review, Red Wheelbarrow, and several others. She is currently working on her first chapbook entitled Out of the Cave, Into the Sun.

Poems: “genesis,” “Sweet Home Road,” and “poem for A.W.”

Edric Mesmer spent time at the University of Manchester’s Centre for the Study of Sexuality & Culture and in the University at Buffalo’s Library & Information Science program. From Buffalo, where he currently serves as the libraries liaison to the Poetry Collection, he collates an international anglophone journal of poetry—on the levels of word, line, and sound—Yellow Field.

Poems: “K,” “M,” “O,””Rh-,” “U,”and “VV.”

Fred Whitehead is the host of the 4th Friday Poetry Series at Dog Ears Book- store at 688 Abbott Rd. in South Buffalo. He has released four collections of poetry: songs,cradled (2009), Protected by Paradox (2010), Orbs (2012) and Water from a Toad (2012). He also has had a series of full color broadsides produced by The Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida. He also is producing Microbooks of poetry by local writers through his Destitute Press .

Poems: “November oak,” “water,” “postman,” “what Gregor knew,” “this mirror so deserving of anger,” “such is breakfast with a Buddhist poet,” “pyramid,” “her words,” and “just a walk.”


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