steel bellow 1.1 | November 2012

nov 12.png

This inaugural issue features the poetry of editors Vincent Cervone, John Cuttito, and Paige Melin.

John Cuttito

Poems: “steel bellow,” “We will never be on the road again,” “Poets, Build into the mountaintops,” “A quick Slip inside a slit wrist,” “The moon is a cranky bitch.”

Vincent Cervone grew up in Long Island, New York, but currently resides in Buffalo, New York. He enjoys petting dogs, watching ducks drift in various bodies of water, and visiting small towns.

Poems: “wind stretches around,” “shock of the evergreen leaf,” “she told me,” “eternity lies vapid,” “clouds are our vessels,” “I was widowed by the sun,” “in a moment,” and “from the back of the room.”

Poet Paige Melin was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. She was the winner of the 2012 Academy of American Poets Prize of the University at Buffalo Libraries for her poem, “Because I Have Never Been to Carmel, I Write for the Next Best Thing.” Her poems have appeared in the university’s literary magazine NAME, as well as in We, The Notorious Pronouns. Paige works part-time for the SUNY Buffalo Poetry Collection; she spends the rest of her time drinking coffee and speaking French.

Poems: “Feminist Manifesto,” “This is what I always imagined,” “Because I Have Never Been to Carmel, I Write for the Next Best Thing,” “Dube le Vay,” and “Suzanne.”


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